As an introduction I would like to give you an overview of the kinds of treatment and support that awaits you in my practice.
In the following, you can find out the kind of techniques that I can apply and also their aims in general.

Personal Development

Health in the body: Mobility

Regarding your bodily health I can offer you four techniques:

Emotional Health: Love

f you want to start your healing more from the psychological or emotional level or if you need talk to accompany the therapy I can offer you the following techniques:

Health of mind: Peace / Balance / Competence

By health of mind is meant that you can keep your thoughts in order and use them in a way that is good for you and your environment. For this ability you will need help in some phases of your life. I have worked in the field of education of the mind for more than 30 years.

Health on the energy level: Ecstasy

If you would like to vibrate on a finer level than before and feel lighter in yourself, then you need support on the level of energy for which I can offer you the following techniques:

Cleansing of your environment

Social contacts / Coaching for your job

The coaching format is in high demand as there are many problems in the context of work, not only for professionals. Also personal aims in the realm of competence, solving conflicts, dealing with roles can be reached by starting from the work field.
A coach will ask you surprising questions, give you inspiration in a manifold way and show you unusual paths or new perspectives.
In this creative process new ways of looking at old matters and different behaviour should become possible for you.
I have experience with supervision in the work field of caring (i.e. old people) and the field of education (i.e. teaching). I have training as a coach and counsellor or facilitator.

Cleansing of your home and work place / Feng shui

I offer an energetic cleansing of spaces and an adaptation of the energy therein which is appropriate for you (and your colleagues or family). After the Feng shui treatment your space should feel lighter and strengthening for you.
I have experience with treating public spaces (i.e. playgrounds), gardens and personal homes.

Possible aims you might have that lead you to my practice:


Emotional and Mental Performance

Life Experience

You should be aware that I am not a doctor and therefore do not give diagnoses or replace medical treatment. When you come to my practice and are severely ill my treatment should be in conjunction with your doctor’s.
You can find the detailed catalogue of treatments I offer here.