Lotus Healing

Lotus Healing is a new therapy that ranges from relaxation treatments up to new ways of trauma release. It was developed by Deborah Reiter in 2012. Lotus Healing works with very specific healing frequencies that are gentle yet powerful. This energy is used to bring positive change into your body and your energy field. There it clears and lifts your emotions and thoughts and helps to overcome negative experiences from the past.

Lotus Healing is something that can be done for any problem, theme or symptom or simply to take some time for yourself to relax and unwind. The lotus energy flows deeply into the root of any given conflict or problem which gives you the chance to deal with it in a different way. Whether you feel you need to recharge your batteries or you cannot get out of your own reaction and resonance patterns, Lotus Healing can bring improvement and positive change into all areas of your life.

Relax & Unwind

There are several kinds of lotus light. The white lotus treatment, for example, is very calming and balancing. While you are lying down on the treatment couch, the therapist will bring the white lotus energy onto key positions in your body. This is a very gentle process which brings re-adjustment and is very nourishing for your complete energy system. It calms your emotions and thoughts and you will feel that you are more centred after the treatment. The session is then rounded off with a selection of Holy Lotus Oils and Lotus Mudras (finger positions) that encourage the flow of life energy in your body.

It is also possible to do a golden lotus treatment which brings the golden lotus energy into all the organs of the body. This is a wonderful treatment that supports you in expressing your self.

Healing & Transformation

A further lotus light colour is purple. The purple lotus provides a powerful transformation energy. It supports you on all levels to let go of what is not needed any more. The purple lotus treatment can be done to bring transformation into the cause of a problem or symptom and then bring healing into the affected areas. The key to change is within us; and while we may be aware of that, it is often hard to overcome old imprints, experiences and karmic issues on our path. Sometimes we need a little help so that we can get out of seemingly stuck situations and get back into our own life flow. The purple lotus frees your light and gives you the space that you need. These treatments are a combination of awareness techniques, guided meditations and transformational healing work. There is a specific treatment for trauma release that works in combination with the purple lotus.

Lotus Healing and the work with lotus energy gives deep healing, memory of one’s original state and invites the divine light for you to experience completeness.

I learnt this method in 2017 and started working with it right away.